Walk Agape 101: Prep Kit

available fall/winter 2016

Is your community ready for the Walk Agape training program?

Prep Kit

How do we prepare my community for Walk Agape? Who needs to be in the room? How do we gather them? What happens next? Available this fall, this Prep Kit will be an online downloaded kit that will provide you with tools and guidance - in conjunction with personal staff support - to help you determine what the best next steps are for you and your community in your Walk Agape Journey.

Walk Agape 101 Bible Study

This bible study is designed to gather core people around one table and one conversation, to sow seeds for next steps in your community. The seven part study will guide participants through interactive group sessions, exploring some of the language we use in Walk Agape, the core concepts, and challenging the group to consider how to encourage their community towards great participation and one of the in-community training offerings, as the Spirit leads.

Community assessment

Before we know how to proceed, we have to learn about your community and pray with you about how to best move forward. This online questionnaire will examine key points of relational development in your community and assess potential readiness for one of the available in-community training offerings.