Walk Agape is about relationship building.

First with Christ,
then each other, then the world.

But what does it look like to live love in YOUR community?
Our team is creating a training series designed to come to you and discuss just that. These facilitated sessions aim to awaken followers of Christ and bring together a cross-section of Jesus' people from across cultures, backgrounds, denominations, etc. to begin to build relationships and discuss what it looks like to walk out Agape in your local community of believers. 

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live together

A community is made of up inter-connected people who share commonalties. Sometimes a community will be city-wide, sometimes a neighborhood, sometimes several small towns. Your community could have 1 church, 10 churches, or no churches. Your local Body of Christ could be made of churches, people hurt and isolated, people between churches, people ministering outside church. There is no cookie-cutter model. This isn't a legalistic, prescribed methodology, it's exploration of what work God has for YOU where you are.

love together

This series will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and step beyond words to begin to intentionally grow disciples, grow relationship, grow community and proclaim the Glory of God through His Agape love. Each group will explore practical next steps that will encourage believers to Walk Agape in the circles of influence God has given you and your local Body. Our aim is take believers beyond theory or memorization - though those are foundational - but to help each community devise a plan of action, with the Spirit's leading, that will encourage other believers to grow in relationship with God and each other, and begin to live out the Gospel: sharing and showing Christ's sacrificial love.

Learn Together

The in-community training series will aim to gather together revived believers from all walks of life and backgrounds to come learn together. Different than a traditional teaching or sermon, these prayerfully facilitated sessions are fully interactive, relying on the Holy Spirit's leading, the framework He's given in His word and the Godly wisdom in the room. Participants will actively discuss and share our unique insights, seeking to lean into our complementary roles as members of the Body of Christ. We will explore the Walk Agape framework, familiarizing us with those concepts and discussing practical tools to help us seek the Lord, grow in Him and together as we move towards His ideal: living Agape love.

Get ready. This program is in the development stages, but there's more to come.