Coming Summer 2018, look for the First Love podcast, coming to a device near you. We invite you to join us as we wrestle with the real life situations where we are learning to walk agape, how we got here, and what it really looks like. Together, we will discuss what comes easy, what we struggle with, and how to move forward showcasing the LOVE that laid down His life for the world, unity of the Body of Christ, and so much more. 

Summit 2016: Registration OPEN

we are
shouting in the desert

be one voice


united we stand

living love

in obedience to God



the real enemy

guard each other’s back

divided we fall


one voice

one body

one faith



We invite you to join us November 11-12, 2016 in Boardman, Oregon for Summit 2016.
This two day interactive workshop is an introductory look into what it takes to Walk Agape and how we can bring practical tools to your family of faith.
Learn more and register at www.walkagape.org. Or call 541.980.2114.